2018 Archived Webinars

Shirley Orr
Courtney Day, BSN, RN
Julianna Manske, MSN, RN, OCN
Deborah Heim, PHD, MN, RN, PHNA-BC, CNL
Hannah Hayes, BSN, RN MPH Candidate

Combined-Sustaining Evidence-Based Diabetes Programs
Presented by: Jen Cooper, APHN
Kathleen Zuke, National Council on Aging
Cora Plass, National Council on Aging
Joyce Nussbaum, Valley Program on Aging
Michelle White, Health Quality Innovators
William Thornton, YMCA Richmond
Kayla Craddock, Virginia Department of Health

2017 Archived Webinars

Presented by: Zenobia Harris, DNP, MPH, BSN
Jennifer Cooper, DNP, MSN, BSN

Presented by: Monica J. Harmon, MSN, MPH, RN
Lucille B. Pilling, EdD, MPH, RN

2016 Archived Webinars

Presented by: Anne M. Mitchell,PHD, RN, ANH--BC, FAAN, Irene Kane,PhD, RN, CNAA, EP-C, Diane King, PhD, Beth Kelsey, EdD, APRN, WHNR-BC, Susan Rawlings, MS, APRN, WHNR-BC

Presented by:  Carolyn Shaputnic, RNC-NIC, MPH
Ann M. Mitchell, PhD, RN, ANH-BC, FAAN
Irene Kane, PhD, RN, CNAA, EP-C

Presented by Carol J. Bush, BS, RN

Presented by Kathleen Ethier, PhD and Melanie Lagarde, RN, MPH, CHES

Presented by Colleen T. LaBelle, BSN, RN-BC, CARN

Presented by Carol Bush, RN

2015 Archived Webinars

Presented by Betty Daniels, PhD, RN and Katherine Wilson, PhD, MPH

Presented by Jean Vukovich, RN & Pamela Cochran, RN

Presented by Dan Church, MPH

Harnessing the Power of Millennials in the Workplace

Presented by:  Jennifer Burkholder, RN, MSN, MPH


2014 Archived Webinars

Emerging Diseases: It's A Small World (After All)
Presented by: Cherie L. Drenzek L. Drenzek, DVM, MS


Million Hearts Lessons from the Field:  Improving Quality and Accuracy in Blood Pressure Measurement -- Jennifer Cooper, MSN, RN, APHN-BC; Truemenda Green, MA, PhD(c) -- October 28, 2014


Demonstrating Public Health Nursing's Support of a Million Hearts - Dr. Karen O'Brien, Dr. Denise Koo, Jennifer Cooper, MSN, RN, APHN-BC - June 26, 2014


Quality Planning & Quality Improvement - Public Health Nursing Experiences From the Field- January 23, 2014


Public Health Quality Improvement: Going Viral Through APHN - March 20, 2014


Public Health Genomics - April 10, 2014



2013 Archived Webinars

Health Equity: Linking Health Providers with Community Programs - Feb 26, 2013

Advancing Public Health Nursing Through Certification: The Help You Need to Succeed - March 26, 2013

Other APHN-BC Exam Resources


Immunization Schedule & Recommendations for Children & Adults, April 18, 2013

The Future of Public Health Nursing-May 23, 2013

Cot-to-Cot: Identifying Access and Functional Needs in Community Disaster Shelters - What This Means and How it Applies to Public Helath Nursing Practice? - July 11, 2013

 Overview of Mass Casualty and Triage -Jonathan Burstein, MD - July 17, 2013

Public Health and Primary Care: Collaboration for Healthier Communities: Speakers: Susan M. Swider, PhD, APHN-BC, FAAN & David J. Reyes, DNP, MPH, APHN-BC - July 25, 2013

Public Health Nurse's Role in Disaster Preparedness: Speakers: Clair Millet, MN, APRN, PHCNS-BC, DNPc - July 31, 2013

We're All In This Together: Community Preparedness, Response and Recovery, Sharon A. R. Stanley, PhD, RN, RS - September 19, 2013

Discussion About the "National Nurse" by Mary Pat Couig, MPH, RN, FAAN, RADM (Ret.) - October 24, 2013 

Find Your VOICE: Communicating the Value of Public Health Nursing - December 12, 2013 



2012 Archived Webinars

Vaccinating a Community (color)

Nurse Family Partnership: (Part 1 - Powerpoint Slides)

Nurse Family Partnership: (Part 1 - Archived Webinar)

Nurse Family Partnership: (Part 2 - Powerpoint Sildes)

Nurse Family Partnership: (Part 2 - Archived Webinar)

PHN Certification Webinar (Powerpoint Slides)

PHN Certification Webinar (Archived Webinar)

Sexual Health in Adolescents Progress and Prevention in STIs: Beyond the Latex Barrier (Color)

Tuberculosis is STILL with us: Past, Present, and Future Implications

Webinar Responses (All Out) for Excellence

An Introduction to Public Health Information Technology - June 19, 2012

Using MAPP to Improve Your Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) - Sept 27, 2012

The Role of Public Health in Accreditation - October 24, 2012

What Local Health Depts Need To Know About Meaningful Use - Nov 28, 2012


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